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Power Brands 2017 - Bollywood's
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Power Brands 2017 - London International Forum For Equality

David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Congratulations on the India Power Brands initiative, and welcome to London for this important event. When this Government took office last year, the decision on where to pay my first overseas visit was an easy one. The potential offered by the UK-India relationship seemed so great that I was determined to get our reinvigorated co-operation off to a flying start. The delegation of Cabinet Ministers and business people that I led to India was one of the largest assembled. It was clear that India has an ambitious vision where it is going. The theme of your conference is “India Rising”. Whilst governments have an important role, it is the hard work and enterprise of individuals and businesses that will deliver lasting prosperity for both our countries. Trade and investment is a two-way street and I am encouraged to see the UK-India partnership on a strong upward trajectory. Whether it's Indian investment in UK manufacturing, or Indian firms taking on UK partners in the energy and communications sectors, or the spectacular success of the inaugural indian Grand Prix as a platform for the finest of British technology, it is clear to me that the dynamism of the business sector will continue to drive India onwards and upwards in the 21st century. We want to be there with you. Welcome to London and to “India Rising” Power Brands.
HH Sheikh Bin Mubarak Al Nahayan, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, United Arab Emirates

You gather tonight to celebrate the success of Indian brands, Power Brands that are establishing the reputation of India, and it is my honour to be your guest and join in your celebration. As you know, we in the United Arab Emirates appreciate very much the power of the brand. By holding this event today, you underscore the fact that Indian brands are valuable contributors to national, regional, and global development. Your meeting in Dubai is a clear indication that development of successful brands has become a global endeavour and that brands establish their reputation in the context of an interdependent world. The number of brands that you celebrate tonight with the launch of this extraordinary book entitled Power Brand Rising Stars will probably double in the next published volume. You should be immensely proud of the excellence you have brought to the world and we in the United Arab Emirates certainly admire your accomplishments. Thank you again for the opportunity to be with you this evening and congratulations once more on the publication of this inspiring book Power Brands.
Oscar Goodman, Former Mayor, Las Vegas, Nevada

Oscar Goodman, Ex-Mayor of Las Vegas and author of the book "Being Oscar; from Mob Lawyer to Mayor of Las Vegas - Only in America" kicked off the event in his own inimitable style. A showman par excellence and an icon who was instrumental in the building of the Las Vegas Brand as a leisure and convention destination, talked about the importance of building brands, and how strong brands can withstand anything from a terrorist attack to an economic slowdown. The growth in the number of visitors to Las Vegas is a testament to the fact that Mr. Goodman walks the talk. His speech was interspersed with anecdotes of his adventures in the show business, and his experiences in the movie industry. He commended Daily Indian Media and the Power Brand Glam team for hosting the event at such a large scale in Las Vegas, and talked about the importance of such platforms in increasing interactions between India and US businesses. The audience was enthralled and showed their appreciation by giving Mr. Goodman a standing ovation.
Smt. Pratibha Patil, Honourable President of India

...happy to know that Planman 2011-12, Lord of the Land event is being held in New Delhi. The realty sector in India has the potential to be a growth driver for other sectors of the economy, thereby contributing to the nation's GDP. It also has the scope to provide employment to a large number of people. Players being honoured at this event has played a stellar role in giving a profile to the real estate industry... felicitations to all those who are associated with the event and wishes the event every success.